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Learn how Amazon hires developers and what to look forward to in 2021 in the crypto, clean tech and alternate foods sectors.

If you think WFH is here to stay, PFH (pitching from home) is getting even bigger. As VCs save more time sans the travels, Golden Gate Ventures Managing Partner Vinnie Lauria tells founders how to ace their virtual pitching skills.

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For founders

Pitching from home: How to get investors’ attention in a virtual world by Vinnie Lauria, Managing Partner at Golden Gate Ventures

“Founders get anxious about pitching from home when they realise they’re not going to see investors at a conference or networking event. Ironically, with significant time saved from commuting and flying, many investors actually have more time now for meeting founders.”

“But it doesn’t mean that getting a meeting will be easier. Founders still have to cut through a barrage of webinar and Zoom invites. So here’s my quick advice on getting a “yes” to a meeting, and making it a home run.”

PoC to prototype to MVP: Software development 101 for early-stage tech startups by Trung Ho, marketing lead at Tech JDI

“Bringing your idea through the stages of Proof of Concept (POC), Prototyping, and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a necessity. By following the process through these three stages, you can conservatively commit your limited resources in the most efficient way, to bring the idea and product to market.”

5 things entrepreneurs need to know about running a business in the new normal by corporate advisor, Dennis Poh

“Heading into 2021, businesses that took a passively defensive stance earlier on are realising that the battle with COVID-19 will be ongoing, and the new normal is being defined as businesses react to new developments. As such, businesses have to take the initiative.

For entrepreneurs who are weathering the storm, or for those who are thinking of starting this journey, here are five things to consider before taking the plunge.”

For developers

AWS technical evangelist Ian Massingham shares how Amazon hires developers by Billy Yuen, who has eight startups to his credit

“We hire on the basis of something that we call Amazon Leadership Principles and you can find these listed on the Amazon website actually. There are 14 of them and they describe different behaviours that we think are important for success at Amazon.”

“The most important and the first one of those things is customer obsession. So we’re always looking for team members that obsess every customer needs and have a desire to solve problems for customers and help customers seize opportunities.”

The case for React Native: Why I believe that we should give it a try by Moazzam Khan, founder of an IT startup

“As a mobile application created by Facebook, React Native is used to developing mobile applications for Android, Android TV, iOS, MacOS, and Windows by enabling developers to use React along with native platforms’ capabilities.”

New opportunities

Inside the changing landscape of Asian cryptocurrency exchanges by early-stage VC Jared Polites

“Unfortunately, a consistent stream of regulatory pressure and security incidents has caused one blow after another for Asia-based exchanges in 2020. The landscape is clearly changing as regulators feel international pressure and sophisticated hackers look to exploit security loopholes.

During this time, Decentralised Exchanges (DEXs) have exploded in popularity, with daily volume exceeding some of the largest centralised exchanges. ”

Collaboration is the key to success for evolving digital ecosystems in Southeast Asia by financial expert, Supriya Sen

“As digitalisation across all aspects of our lives becomes more common, we are experiencing a rapid shift across industries; and corporations are battling each other to try and become the dominant player in their respective markets.”

“Collaboration between players, for enabling greater innovation between businesses – from startups to incumbents – is, therefore, more important than ever before, and prioritising technology investments that effectively differentiate between vendors and ecosystem partners is key.”

Clean energy in Malaysia: Opportunity amidst uncertainty by Chuan Zhen Ko, CEO and co-founder of Plus Solar Systems

“Since January 2019, Malaysia’s current NEM2.0 scheme has allowed excess solar photovoltaic (PV) generated energy to be exported back to the grid on a “one-on-one” offset basis, meaning full returns on every kiloWatt generated. Its quota of 500 MWp ends December 31 this year.”

“Big players who see potential in clean energy are jumping on the bandwagon, as they see the possibility that it could one day replace traditional oil and gas.”

Thailand’s plant-based meat startup battle intensifies as the annual Vegetarian Festival kicks in by Smith Taweelerdniti, CEO of Let’s Plant Meat

“Thailand celebrates its annual vegetarian festival around mid-October when the whole country suddenly shifts to animal-free food for nine days. This year it is happening on October 17-25.

This time, according to me, without a doubt, is the most exciting period for Thailand plant-based food startups. Each startup should try to gain maximum consumer attention at the time when consumers are most willing to listen.”

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