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There is ample scope for innovation in the real estate and travel industries, say our contributors. Learn how to handle data for better engagement but responsibly; and an investor’s views on how to build a fundable startup.

How to leverage mobile app data to understand your consumers by Christian Henschel, Co-Founder and CEO at Adjust

“Attribution data and in-app analytics are key to understanding user behaviour and ensuring growth. When it comes to app installs, competition is fierce, and today’s consumers have a combined total of close to five million apps to choose from in the Google Play and Apple app store.

That’s why it’s essential to work with an attribution platform where you can measure every channel to find out where your users come from.”

GGV Capital investor Hans Tung shares his definition of a fundable startup by Billy Yuen, founder of Stacktrek

“This week, Billy Yuen chats with Hans Tung, Managing Partner at GGV Capital, focusing on early stage investments in internet and e-commerce ecosystems globally.

Tung is consistently recognised among the top venture capital investors in the world, having been named to the Forbes Midas list eight times from 2013-2020, most recently ranking number 10, and named to the New York Times/CB Insights Top 100 Venture Capitalists list three times from 2017-2019, most recently at number 18.”

Food for thought

Treat your customers like humans, not data by Andy MacMillan, CEO UserTesting

“However, as customer interactions have moved out of the physical world and into the digital, some businesses have increasingly come to see their customers through the lens of data instead of as people to be known, understood and empathised with.”

Technology and society: Digital divide or digital inclusivity? by Jit Singh of StartupX

“There’s the whole question of the haves and have-nots: people who are tech-savvy and easily adopt new technologies, versus people who do not understand how they work or are denied access to them, inadvertently or otherwise.

The idea that technology only serves to divide society can be hard to dispel, but we should also remember all technology are just tools. Tools that, when in the right hands, can help us embrace a shared future in tomorrow’s digital societies.”

How emerging markets can become green economies by Isha Vashist

“Bringing renewable energy to the forefront has both short-term and long-term benefits. The short-term benefits would lead to economic activation and job creation and, the long-term benefits would result in a more sustainable and environment-friendly fuel with lower/zero carbon footprint.

This is why the government in both developed and emerging economies are considering investing in green/renewable energy to stir the economy in post-pandemic stimulus measures.”

The way forward

Why mixed-use is the future of real estate in a socially distanced world by Maarten Hemmes

“Innovation of the real estate industry globally plays a critical role in this development, specifically in urban and suburban areas where a dense and demanding population continues to grow.

With some exceptions for areas that require a dedicated set-up such as industrial, logistics, data centres or high-end and special care residential, it is unlikely that we will go back to the traditional separation between restaurants, offices, healthcare, industrial, residential and retail.

An so, mixed-use real estate is here to stay which is an important conclusion for investors, entrepreneurs and other innovators!”

Why Amadeus believes startups can shape the future of travel in a post-COVID-19 world by Matt James, Senior Manager, Strategic Projects & Alliances at Amadeus for Startups

“Whilst COVID-19 has had a huge impact on global economies, through crisis comes creativity, and we see many opportunities for the APAC startups that embrace it with a ‘glass half full’ mentality.

Airlines, airports and hotels are more receptive to quick trials than ever before – so speed to market and agility will be key.

In particular, Asia’s startups should concentrate on developing minimal viable product propositions to quickly demonstrate proof of concept, with the ability to scale at a later date.”

How edutech startup Snapask is filling the gap for personalised learning in a post-COVID-19 world by Kelly Chen, Head of Singapore, Snapask

“Current school formats in our city-state still largely encompass the following: a classroom of 30 students, a teacher, and a standardised curriculum that culminates in national exams.

While the world has developed significantly in the last decade, with technology making great strides in transforming industries such as healthcare, business and manufacturing, education systems in many countries such as ours, still have a long way to go.”

Trends in the finance world

How revenue-based financing will helping unbanked and underbanked businesses flourish by Jeffrey Liu, Founder and CEO of Jenfi

“Despite the burgeoning startup scene and booming business ecosystem in Singapore and across Southeast Asia, over 70 per cent of the adult population in Southeast Asia is still underbanked. This suggests a substantial market gap in an environment with over 75 million businesses.

This is where innovative financing solutions can step in and help fill the gaps. One such solution is revenue-based financing. At its core, revenue-based financing helps enterprises raise capital through investors who receive a percentage of revenue from ongoing activities.”

How to tackle fraud and counter party risk in an increasingly compromised world of finance by Gunnar Jaerv is COO of First Digital Trust, a Hong Kong-based financial institution

“Only a few years ago, the same bank declared bitcoin was ‘a Ponzi scheme’, but the news of this week highlights the rapid change in perception of these new asset classes across the world.

While these developments are welcomed, we still have a long way to go in ensuring digital assets are appropriately protected. Crypto adoption in traditional systems is moving fast, but as these are newly formed assets, they require the correct infrastructure to protect them.”

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