In our increasingly digital world, it is more important than ever to protect our assets with a strong line of defence. Even before the pandemic which has catalysed faster digital adoption for many economies, the world has long been on a journey towards a stronger and a more reliable digital future. This means that as our digital transformation becomes more and more complex, cyber-attacks and other forms of cyber threats are also hot on our heels trying to catch up.

One particular industry that’s becoming increasingly smarter is automotive. Thanks to the technological revolution, we can easily get traffic information, play our favourite music, and be alarmed when a car hit happens. According to SAS, by 2025, there would be 2 billion connected cars — cars with new features and aftermarket devices. However, as vehicles are getting “smarter” with these internet-connected devices, the risk of getting a cyber attack is more possible than ever.

With digitalisation taking on an increasingly prominent role in how we work, how we live, and how we move, what technologies out there can we turn to for better cybersecurity?

Threats to anticipate in the V2X market

Key players in the automotive industry are aiming to achieve fully automatous driving. That means cars will become progressively reliant on connected devices and their communication lines. In a V2X model where cars are connected to everything, they are also more susceptible to a variety of threats.

Driver assistance system, blind-spot system, or even entertainment system on cars are easy targets for hackers. Cars are vulnerable to risks in terms of breaking into these systems, risks that include WiFi / Bluetooth attack, remote vehicle hijacking, man-in-the-Middle attack, and GPS Spoofing, among others. In a worst-case scenario, disruptions caused by third-party interference and malicious interceptions to the system can lead to serious accidents.

Moreover, in the instance of an accident that’s caused by cyber-attacks, it is also harder to track the actual cause. We may get record from the car black box when the car activity happens in the physical environment. However, there’s no specific way to keep a record for the car activity in cyberspace. It’ll be hard for people to understand the real cause of a car accident — is it a physical hit or a cyber attack?

These are only some of the potential threats that car users can face in the V2X model. This can only mean that with increased digitalisation, we must equip ourselves with smarter, more efficient, and more reliable solutions to protect ourselves.

Modern solutions for modern problems

Thankfully, there have also been many developments in the cybersecurity sector that are designed specifically to combat these complex threats. ArcRAN, a Taiwan-based company, has made massive strides in this area and is proving to be one of the best solutions out there.

With their V2X security detector and security solution design technology, users will be able to predict, prevent, and diagnose cyber attacks.

Their V2X / IoV Joint Cyber Security Defense iSecV Detector operates as an isolated add-on box, used to detect DSRC / C-V2X signals, and to analyse un-approved signal sources using the whitelisting mechanism.

In addition, it is able to detect abnormal behaviours such as tampering of data in (MitM), jamming (DoS) of communication channels, jamming (DoS) of signals, spoofing of signals, and spoofing of GPS messages among others, all with the use of machine learning methods. iSecV will be placed inside buses and roadside units (RSUs) and communicate with the Traffic Center through an independent 4G Channel.

Their technology offers three strategies to deal with cybersecurity problems for automotive industry players. Firstly, all code should be developed by following the idea of Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC). Therefore, the cost of system maintenance and the chance to be hacked can be lower.

Secondly, vehicles embedded with the secured system may still be attacked by evolving hacking technics or newly-discovered vulnerabilities. In such an instance, the vehicle shall add extra protection in its perimeter. ArcRAN provides V2X site cybersecurity solution iSecV which monitors wireless signals. By detecting abnormal behaviour in V2X environment, iSecV sends alerts to smart city/transportation project parties to take action and protect the physical site.

Lastly, to transfer the risk of business operation, ArcRAN suggests next-generation vehicle insurance to the enterprise which owns track fleet or develops autonomous vehicles. Combing with digital evidence collection, the next-generation vehicle insurance can extend its coverage from the physical world to cyberspace.

With this technology, users are able to better protect themselves before, during, and after such attacks occur.

Trustworthy technology from a trustworthy company

ArcRAN is a cybersecurity company focusing on Internet of Things & Vehicles. Their core technology is designed for wireless signal detection including but not limited to WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and C-V2X. ArcRan concentrates on developing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for smart city applications. They propose advanced cybersecurity solutions based on machine learning algorithms to help governments and enterprises quickly respond to various cybersecurity threats and attacks through automatic cybersecurity analysis, attack simulation, and risk evaluation.

With more than 18 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, their solution well protects clients’ physical sites. Their solution is also recognised by several awards, including 1st place in Young Award (which honoured top IT companies in Taiwan), as well as being selected as the Taiwan representative for APICTA Awards (which is the top award for Asia Pacific ICT companies).

Helping ArcRAN flourish as a tech company is Rainmaking Innovation, an international digital consulting company and accelerator dedicated to boosting the potential of entrepreneurs worldwide and fostering a stronger and more competitive startup ecosystem. “We work with our clients to build a clear view of fast-evolving markets so that we can identify the opportunities they’re best positioned to own,” said Ken Chuang, the Managing Director of Rainmaking Innovation Taiwan.

Moreover, ArcRAN has been selected to be part of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Taiwan. This year, the Taiwan Tech Arena at CES will be showcased on a virtual reality (VR) platform that will allow visitors to witness various products that are currently being developed.

Sorted into four key categories that address the demands of various areas of life, CES Taiwan 2021 will be focusing on Smart Living & Healthcare, Cybersecurity and Cloud Solutions, Mobility Tech, and Tech for Good. With over 100 Taiwanese companies that will be showcasing their new technologies to the world, ArcRAN is poised to be one of the standout companies whose tech solution is bound to impact the world meaningfully.

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