Antler, a global early-stage VC firm, announced today it has invested in 12 new companies from its fifth Singapore cohort.

The new entrants operate in SaaS, fintech, healthtech, Artificial Intelligence, insurtech, art-tech, and more.

The list included Singapore-based Breathonix from Antler’s COVID-19 Initiative. Launched earlier in April 2020, the initiative aims to invest in startups that are working on ideas that respond to the impact of COVID-19.

The demo day was streamed virtually to a global audience of investors, VCs and entrepreneurs.

According to Antler, 70 individuals were selected out of the 3,100 applications it received for its latest batch. The firm disclosed that the founders came with an average of 11 years of working experience, with 83 per cent having worked in a startup before.

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“The latest additions to our portfolio have built their startups to meet the needs of consumers in an increasingly digital-first world — where remote work, fintech and automated business processes have become integral to everything we do,” said Jussi Salovaara, Co-founder and Managing Partner Asia at Antler.

Launched in 2018 in Singapore, Antler has since grown to be a global early-stage VC, running programmes across a range of cities including Stockholm, Nairobi and Sydney, and investing in over 250 early-stage companies.

Notable companies from previous Antler Singapore cohorts include proptech startup Cove, HRtech platform Sampingan and fintech platforms Sama and Xanpool. The VC firm noted its companies have raised more than US$34 million in follow-on funding since graduating from its programme.

A brief overview of the 12 ventures

ArtWallSt: An art-tech company that matches artworks to bistros, retail, and work-spaces where emerging artists can reach prospective art lovers.

Bver: A platform that utilises AI to analyse voice and transcribed text from sales calls to help improve the performance of sales teams.

Bluesheets: A bookkeeping automation platform that automates manual data entry and brings financial transparency to organisations.

Brick: A fintech startup providing financial data API for tech companies in Southeast Asia to enable in-app financial services.

DayOne: A HR SaaS platform that trains frontline workers via micro-learning and micro-tasking to boost their performance.

Fighealth: A healthcare company empowering women to proactively understand and manage their reproductive health.

Forma: A no-code platform to build customised workflows for business processes.

Surer: An insurtech platform to help intermediaries work with clients and insurers with greater speed and efficiency through automation.

Locad: A cloud-based plug-and-play solution for e-commerce fulfilment, providing flexible and on-demand warehousing from a global network of logistics partners.

PocketPet: A mobile app that connects pet owners to vets and other service providers.

EatMatch: A social app that helps young adults and millennials find new connections and activities to do together.

Breathonix: A platform that uses breath tests for diseases detection by analysing small molecules in exhaled breath.

Image Credit: Antler


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